Trying to sell your business?
Our method is acceptable and cost-effective for companies with valuation starting from €1M.

Digital Securitisation for SMEs
Equity, Debt, Revenue Sharing

Access capital markets through a security token offering (STO).
We represent leading tokenisation platforms and specialized investment banks. Securitisation and sale of investment instruments to many small investors is often more profitable and less time and resource demanding than selling the entire business to one buyer.
ELI5: What is Securitisation and Tokenisation (500 words)

Finance your business

Sell Revenue Participation Notes

Up to €5,000,000*

We provide end-to-end fundraising services for businesses. 

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The core underlying innovation is called distributed ledger technology (DLT). By issuing digital investment instruments, shareholder or lender rights can be transferred worldwide, easily and inexpensively. 

What IS STO?

Tradable security tokens allow companies to access the capital market. Security token offering (STO) is an initial placement of tradable tokens that are legally bonded with the underlying traditional securities or investment contracts.

What are the Main benefits?

Technically, tokens simplify circulation and unite OTC markets. What differs this approach from the traditional is (1) much lower entry barriers, (2) a plethora of investors, and (3) the secondary market with easy access and high liquidity.

to whom is it useful?

To all those who are interested in attracting financing, as well as those who would like to sell their business.

Why is it Reasonable for you to act through us?

You pay the same price that the tokenizer platform would charge you directly, but you get more. This is a new market, and it is not easy to understand. With us, you will follow a clearer, calmer, faster, better, and more convenient path.

Example of project packaging



Sell Equity

Based on either a private placement or equity crowdfunding.




Light regulatory regime for emissions of less than one million euros.


Hybrid: revenue participation notes

An interesting tool that combines the properties of debt and equity.




Special Purpose Vehicle

Before the token issuance, you will need to transfer the assets or revenue rights you plan to sell to an SPV company in Europe or the US. Cost: from €500 to €2,000, to be paid to local lawyers in the relevant jurisdiction.



Financial Plan

Even if you have all the documents related to the sale of the business, in most cases it is necessary to re-write the financial plan and the website. Cost: from €3,000, to be paid to us.


Issuance of Securities and Tokens

An audit is not necessary. Valuation of assets is at your discretion. Legal and technological shell will cost about €10,000, paid directly to the platform (or investment bank). Their main reward is a percentage of the funds collected (charged after the sale).


From investor's perspective


  • Strictly-regulated environment
  • Standard, understandable securities
  • Liquidity on token exchanges in the foreseeable future
  • Technically singular investor community


  • Promises better returns than public companies
  • Revenue sharing: closer to money than stocks allow through dividends
  • Unlike ordinary crowdfunding, investors get real securities
  • Unlike ICOs, our approach ensures realistic tokenisation is deployed

About our Role and Functions

We prepare the necessary materials in the required format in English and German.
We make sure your tokens get listed. Platforms (tokenisers) and investment banks have a limited resource, so they strictly filter the onboarding of projects.
In the financial plan, we create a convincing scenario that supports the price increase expectations so your tokens sell better.

Unusual but useful financial instrument:
Revenue participation notes


Company borrows €200,000 as RPNs paying 7% of revenue, with 30% profit for investors, paid in about 4 years*, payments quarterly**.

(**) The payout formula can also include cumulative turnover and how long it takes to achieve it. Of course, the choice of parameters (percentages, terms) requires quality planning.

Your company’s shares remain intact—there is no dilution. Since payouts only occur when the company has revenue, you endure only feasible debt obligations. You provide no collateral.

Investors have a direct incentive to promote your project, as the increased turnover immediately affects their payouts. Compared to stock owners, investors are “closer to the money" in this position. Don’t worry so much about what expenses are and how it’s spent, but rather the fact that the company has more clients and revenue is growing.

Few words about us

Alexey Oshepkov
Stefan Klebor
Four years experience in the blockchain-based finance (check out our blog); decades in traditional finance.
CFA. Experience in senior positions in investment funds and brokerage companies.
Experience of traditional IPO.

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