Methodology and


The process goes through EU-based brokerage, crowdfunding, and e-money license holders. You can form various investment-like contracts, for example entitle contributors to receive a portion of your revenue. You can:

(1) attract retail (small) investors from anywhere in the world (KYC apply to all, US-based investors must be accredited)
(2) advertise (solicit) your fund-raising event (some reasonable limitations apply)
(3) set capital targets freely (no formal valuation and due diligence).

Your investors can sell their participation (i.e. shares) if they have a buyer but no "pumping" is possible because there will be no easy secondary trading (by the way, a STO won't take you there either, while ICOs are mostly illegal).

Automated Crowdfunding

We will create for you an automatically operating legal entity that supports contracts of any complexity with any number of your investors and contributors.

Programmable legal entities

To enforce its rules and business logic, a programmable legal entity uses an immutable piece of software hosted on a distributed substrate. Applications are endless.

Right Use of right Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies can be very, very handy! However, while the private use of them is trivial, for a legal entity, it can become a problem.

Fractionalisation of Assets to ease sales

It is always hard to liquidate something large and expensive. Crowdsale through fractionalisation or introduction of revenue participation notes can help.

Why US?

Our Approach Compared with Alternatives

Why not IPO or Private Placement?

IPO is a thing from a completely different weight class. The status of being public is a very expensive, long-term burden for a company. Private placements are meant for sophisticated investors who are hard to reach and are very likely to either understate your valuation or not accept the offer at all.

Why not Kickstarter or Similar?

Such platforms have one-size-fits-all approach. They program the typical contributor-fundraiser relations, whereas we program your particular legal entity. More importantly, all large services are tied to legal frameworks where contributors can't simply invest, they rather buy some privileges.

Why not ICO or STO?

ICOs are not effective any longer and, most probably, will create legal problems and criminal threats to those fundraisers who have already ICO-ed. Security tokens (digital securities) offerings make no sense yet: liquidity is at least few years away. There are no other advantages in STOs.

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Stages of Cooperation with US

Each Stage Takes up to Ten Weeks


Financial Model

We help to finish and polish your existing model or create one from scratch. We approach several potential investors with the request to review the model.



Minimum Marketing Set

We create the website, write introductory articles, create explainer video, and run the test campaign with the goal to define the investor acquisition cost.



Legal Part

We introduce you to one of our partner legal teams and support you with all necessary data collection while you work with them.



Technical Part

We complete the technical part and launch a compliant programmable legal entity that will eternally handle legally binding relations with your contributors.



Why so much talk about security tokens?

As ICOs are quickly becoming irrelevant, many people falsely believe they will be able to "pump" security tokens as well. Of course, not. Pumping of tokens was possible only because crypto exchanges are not regulated. Exactly these exchanges will never list security tokens.

Can a piece of software really be a legal entity?

Of course it can! If its audited code is authentic and immutable, software is better than texts of charters and contracts, written in an ambiguous natural language and verified by rubber stamps. Some jurisdictions made it possible as a side effect of regulating cryptocurrencies.

Current Projects

Côte d’Azur

Villas in the gulf of Saint-Tropez for tokenised funds

Quality real estate in French Riviera


Eolian Wind

Clean Energy Fund

Eolian is a specialist renewable energy developer, owner, and asset manager. It provides investors with flexible and efficient access to the growing portfolio of wind and solar farms in Europe. Contributors get regular income with defensive qualities.


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