Methodology and


(1) Legal tools of attracting retail (unaccredited) investors globally
(2) Soliciting your fund-raising event
(3) Setting capital targets freely (no formal pre-valuation and due diligence).

WARNING: Although your investors can participate in secondary trading, no "pumping" techniques are possible (regulated markets).

Programmable entities

Contracts of any complexity with any number of contributors.

To enforce its rules and business logic, a programmable legal entity uses an immutable piece of software hosted on a distributed substrate.

Split Across jurisdictions

Meta-responsibility consolidated with smart contracts

To stay outside of the margins of applicability of security regulations, campaigns deploy crowdfunding frameworks in multiple jurisdictions.

Stages of Cooperation with US



Present brief materials that describe you project and background of founders.




Receive an educated evaluation and quotation for stages 3 and 4.



Financial Model

Get a financial model reviewed by several professional investors.



Minimum Marketing Set

Get the necessary content and estimation of the investor acquisition cost.



Legal Part

Be introduced to relevant legal teams and compile the necessary documents.



Technical Part

Receive an audited, compliant programmable legal entity.




Run the campaign, collect funds.



On-going Support

Stay compliant and trustworthy.


Why US?

Why not Equity? Why RPN?

Equty is expensive. But revenue participation note is not a cheap substitute. With revenue growth, the incentives for the investors and the company are well aligned. Investors have a direct incentive to promote your project and increase its effectiveness. Company stock is preserved for later funding rounds. Company valuation is not a concern. Voting rights do not change; there is no dilution. The approach is fully functional and legal today; there's no need to wait for cheap [tokenised] equity solution.

Why not ICO?

ICOs are not effective any longer and, most probably, will create legal problems and even criminal threats to fundraisers. Even if managed in a comparatively legal way, an ICO is likely to kill your business. ICO will make you trying to sit on two chairs: you will be designing tokens as both an investment tool and an operational vehicle. No one has succeeded in doing so yet. Not a single such project represents a significant threat to a traditional rival, not even Ethereum. The success of Bitcoin can not apply to you because it is truly owner-less.

Why Not security tokens?

Security token offerings are deliberately complicated private placements with no real advantages (liquidity is at least few years away). As ICOs are quickly becoming irrelevant, many people falsely believe they will be able to "pump" security tokens as well. Of course, not. Insane valuations were only possible because crypto exchanges are not regulated. Exactly these exchanges will never list security tokens. STOs are not "legal ICOs". At this stage, digital securities represent only a concept, a potential opportunity.

Is this Even Real and legal?

How can a piece of software be a legal entity?! Of course it can! Think of it: an audited code is authentic and immutable; software is better than texts of charters and contracts, written in an ambiguous natural language and verified by rubber stamps. In some jurisdictions, PLEs became a reality as a side effect of regulating cryptocurrencies. Ironically, while PLE is a real thing, security token is just a buzzword: securities are (and will be for long) primarily and completely defined by laws not technology. "Token" is a legally inexistent thing.

Why not IPO or Private Placement?

IPO is a thing from a completely different weight class. The status of being public is a very expensive, long-term burden for a company. Private placements are meant for sophisticated investors who are hard to reach and are very likely to either understate your valuation or not accept the offer at all.

Why not Kickstarter or Similar?

Such platforms have one-size-fits-all approach. They program the typical contributor-fundraiser relations, whereas we program your particular legal entity. More importantly, all large services are currently tied to legal frameworks with no equity or bond-like tools, they rather sell customer privileges.

Current Projects

Côte d’Azur

Exclusive Villas in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Fully funded quality real estate in French Riviera. For sale (BTC is welcome).


Eolian Wind

Clean Energy Fund

Eolian is a specialist renewable energy developer, owner, and asset manager. It provides investors with flexible and efficient access to the growing portfolio of wind and solar farms in Europe. Contributors get regular income with defensive qualities.


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