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We provide end-to-end fundraising services for small and medium size businesses. 


Is our service best for you?
Definitely yes, if you check all 5 items.

[1] Already Invested and sort of Stuck?

Substantial time and efforts were put to the project, but you can’t see exactly how to scale or proceed.

[2] Sick and tired of venture capitalists?

You either have some negative experience or poor expectations about the VC path.

[3] €5 million is enough for now

This is not the principal maximum, but limiting it to €5 million makes things much simpler and less expensive.

[4] You want the benefits of tokenisation...

... but understand the critical flaws of ICOs.

[5] Agree to do it in Europe...

... and maybe you’re even open to the idea of moving here.

OUR method

We facilitate token issuance alongside the incumbent legal envelope. Two processes are legally detached until it makes sense to catch up on the new liquidity avenue when compliant exchanges gain momentum. By default, tokens are DAO-forming tokens to be further converted to exchange-compatible tokens in a one-to-one replacement process.

Custom-tailored Service

If we onboard your project, you receive individual end-to-end service.

Light Regulatory Regime

Convenient path to attract non-accredited investors from around the world.

Optimal Securities

Featured instrument: revenue participation notes. Equity and debt (bonds) are also possible.

Advanced Investor Support

For ongoing promotion of your project, we will deploy a self-sustainable entity that autonomously functions on a distributed software substrate.

Our Procedure



Schedule an introductory call and describe your project to us; provide basic marketing materials.

Confirm identities of all team members and fill out the application form; wait for the assessment.



Legal Envelope

Prepare the necessary documentation under our close guidance; establish an SPV in EU, if applicable.


Receive the webpage for your projects with an integrated payment form and investor accounts.



Promotion Campaign

Plan the marketing campaign in with us; generate traffic to the project webpage.

Form the decentralised autonomous community for your project; tokenise your investment instrument.


From investor's perspective


  • Strictly-regulated environment
  • Standard, understandable securities
  • Liquidity on token exchanges in the foreseeable future
  • Technically singular investor community


  • Promises better returns than public companies
  • Revenue sharing: closer to money than stocks allow through dividends
  • Unlike ordinary crowdfunding, investors get real securities
  • Unlike ICOs, our approach ensures realistic tokenisation is deployed

The essence of a typical proposal to investor interaction is as follows: “the company will pay the investor 5% of the turnover annually until the investor gets 130% of the amount that was provided as a loan.” The payout formula can also include cumulative turnover and how long it takes to achieve it. Of course, the choice of parameters (percentages, terms) is up to you and requires quality planning.

discount shop for a risk-averse founder

Our services are based on the crowdfunding law—they’re optimal for companies at their early growth stage. On one hand, we are not likely to onboard idea-stage start-ups; on the other hand, if your company is mature enough, you should probably opt for a regular placement of securities.

Good for Investors

Expenses (and potential mismanagement) may only happen after the gate the investor is standing at to collect his payout, which is to say investors are “closer” to the money in this position. Unlike traditional debt, revenue participation notes have an upside—they can be paid in full earlier than expected. Don’t worry so much about what expenses are and how it’s spent, but rather the fact that the company has more clients and revenue is growing.

Great for you TOO

Your company’s shares remain intact—there is no dilution. Since payouts only occur when the company has revenue, you endure only feasible debt obligations. You provide no collateral.

Investors have a direct incentive to promote your project, as the increased turnover immediately affects their payouts.

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