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Debt Relief


Revenue Participation Notes: Hybrid of Equity and Debt

The usual structure of corporate debt involves regular payments. With turnover and profits changing and fixed costs being… well, fixed, the relative debt burden fluctuates with greater amplitude. It may happen that at some point the payment of the debt will be too burdensome. Reformatting part of the debt into revenue participation notes reduces this annoying imbalance.



The essence of a typical proposal to investors is as follows: “the company will pay the investor x% of the turnover annually until the investor gets y% of the amount that was provided as a loan.” There are no restrictions on the choice of parameters (percentages, terms). RPNs can be a freely tradable security. Secondary tokenised markets are being actively developed.

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Tokenised Public Float

Test the digital securities market.

Token trading on cryptocurrency exchanges has proved that there is an unmet global demand for small-scale investments and trading. Crowdfunding has become a feasible alternative to legally heavier forms of fundraising. Combining a blockchain-based token and the corresponding crowdfunding contract is a way to go public in a sort of a “test regime”, at a tiny fraction of costs of a regular IPO.

We represent leading tokenisation platforms and specialized investment banks. We work with zero price markup. With us, you will follow a clearer, calmer, and more convenient path.

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Cross-industry Synergies


Claim extra value by borrowing technologies.

An online brokerage company deploys the inner social network so traders can follow each others’ orders and generate more commissions. A social network business extends a hardware arm using a cheap wireless modem originally designed to connect sensors on wheels and bicycle speedometers. A sports goods supplier runs a distributed database to track nutrition deliveries which, in turn, becomes a pharma supply chain registry. Even businesses from ideologically competing camps can hybrid up.



There’s no need to recreate the wheel, but why not repurpose it? For business makeup purposes, an actual hybridization can be preceded or completely replaced with a mimicry (“wannabe”) option. Needed technologies are often available through an open-source software module or an inexpensive physical sample.

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Brand Currency

Many businesses arsenal themselves with discounts, reputation and loyalty points, and employee bonuses, which are, in its essence, the introduction of corporate money. It's time to reformat these tools and use the full power of cryptocurrencies.

At a minimum, this will reduce the chance of employee fraud.

With a smart approach, this toolset will not only significantly reduce costs and increase flexibility; it will also open up new dimensions for doing business. The company can gain the freedom of a market maker and a monetary policy conductor, and the corporate cryptocurrency becomes a liquid exchange tool—a way to include the direct forces of supply and demand in the sub-economy of the company's business.

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Industry Reports


Act elite and share your knowledge.

Who prepares periodic reports for your industry sector so that the broad audience of customers and professionals can stay updated? Probably, a big consultancy firm in collaboration with your largest competitor, all under the auspices of some association.



Why not have your own report and your own association? There’s not really anything stopping you. As informality in business became the norm, people call each other by the first names, wear t-shirts, and no longer assess the realism of particular business unions too intently.

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Accountability Systems

Demonstrate singular transparency.

Until recently, it was prohibitively expensive to deploy an immutable system to track managerial decisions; however, today one can use a so-called DAO technology to keep accountability, reward winners, and punish losers. DAO is an umbrella term for new blockchain-based management systems.

DAO-based corporate records can serve as a vivid demonstration of the company's advancement. The appeal of the method is a configurable level of transparency and infinite flexibility in modeling incentives for all participants.

The technology is very new. Please subscribe to our thematic journal.

Unusual but useful financial instrument:
Revenue participation notes


Company borrows €200,000 as RPNs paying 7% of revenue, with 30% profit for investors, paid in about 4 years*, payments quarterly**.

(**) The payout formula can also include cumulative turnover and how long it takes to achieve it. Of course, the choice of parameters (percentages, terms) requires quality planning.

Your company’s shares remain intact—there is no dilution. Since payouts only occur when the company has revenue, you endure only feasible debt obligations. You provide no collateral.

Investors have a direct incentive to promote your project, as the increased turnover immediately affects their payouts. Compared to stock owners, investors are “closer to the money" in this position. Don’t worry so much about what expenses are and how it’s spent, but rather the fact that the company has more clients and revenue is growing.

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